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 next show - Frank talks yet again

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next show - Frank talks yet again Empty
PostSubject: next show - Frank talks yet again   next show - Frank talks yet again EmptyFri Oct 09, 2009 12:47 am

I can edit this up and add to it when I know who I wrestle next. Let me know. Thanks, FC


"Breakout" by the Foo Fighters blasts throughout the arena as a man of medium build strides down to the ring, microphone in hand. Over a white T-shirt, he wears a gray zip-up hoodie with the letters "F" and "C" intertwined on the back, baggy navy blue pants and pure white high-tops. He climbs through the ring ropes and lopes over the the corner where he hops up and sits on the top turnbuckle as the fans shower him with boos.
Frank Christopher: Once again, you are in the presence of greatness.
Christopher raises his left hand to his ear and waves his palm face up in a vertical motion encouraging the crowd to keep getting louder. He smiles and hops off the turnbuckle and strides to the middle of the ring. As he raises the microphone to his mouth, the smile disappears and turns into an icy glare.
Frank Christopher: ...and the funny thing still don't get it. You see on Frontier, last Thursday, you rooted and cheered for Ace Skywalker, a degenerate gambler. Now, because you he made him your "hero", someone you looked up to, someone you aspired to be, now...
Christopher lowers the microphone and point to the video screen above the entrance ramp. The video screen jumps to life...
Frank Christopher runs toward Ace Skywalker and leaps
hitting his face with both his feet performing a strong Running Dropkick!!
Frank Christopher grabs Ace Skywalker's hair
Frank Christopher grabs one Ace Skywalker 's arms and spins, swinging him into the ropes, then lunges himself as well
Frank Christopher hooks Ace Skywalker from behind
and attempts a pinfall with a light Backslide Pin!!
Darren: Here comes the pin!
Referee starts counting...

The video screen fades to black and the boos intensify from the crowd. Christopher raises the microphone to his lips.
Frank Christopher: I want you to know I took no pleasure in ending that man's career. The fact is that he needed to be shown the door. He needed to go get his life in order. THAT is truth. He was on a path to self-destruction. he will have time to get things straight.
Boos rain down on Christopher in the ring and a chant of "You Suck"! begins to build. Christopher puts his hand to his forehead and shakes his head back and forth.
Frank Christopher: You still don't understand. How long will it take before you realize that I'm not the bad guy here? You're being sold a bill of goods. You're being told to buy into what you hear, the hype if you will. You don't know, and so you have to learn. I came to Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds to expose the truth. Expose you fans to what the truth looks like. Are you starting to realize? Are you starting to understand...that I am EPIC truth!?
Frank Christopher tosses the microphone aside and drops to a knee, extending both thumbs skyward and then pointing to himself and mouthing the words "EPIC TRUTH". The fans continue to boo as he stands up and exits the ring.
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next show - Frank talks yet again
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