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 Midian Appears to confront Hunchback and warn Jungle Jim

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Midian Appears to confront Hunchback and warn Jungle Jim Empty
PostSubject: Midian Appears to confront Hunchback and warn Jungle Jim   Midian Appears to confront Hunchback and warn Jungle Jim EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 7:27 am

As Hunchback prepares to leave the lights dim and Perfection or vanity begins to play over the speakers, Hunchback returns to the ring as Midian appears on stage, his face grim and cold , he looks over the arena and spits on the ground before walking slowly to the ring. The fans boo loudly but he pays them no attention, his eyes locked on Hunchback as he enters the ring and demands a microphone from the announcer.

Midian: Shut the hell up you mongrel pieces of filth! Hunchback, I hear you say that after defeating me you've moved up in the world. I find this proclamation to simply be...rude.

Hunchback smirks as Midian sneers. The fans , unsure who exactly the cheer or boo simply stay quiet as the two men circle each other.

Midian: I miscalculated, nothing more. I allowed my ego to get in the way, and it cost me. You have done nothing more than piss me off. I am no ones stepping stone boy. and we are far from through.

Hunchback slings a few words at Midian off Mic and Midian just smiles.

Midian: Perhaps, but then again, I am the man who will be facing Jungle Jim for the BWB TV title, and you? You are not even on the show. How very unfortunate for one who has "Moved up" as you say you have. Seems to me Hunchback, that you've gone nowhere, and are still just a low life freak who got lucky.

The crowd "oooohs' now and begin to boo Midian as he hurls his insults. Hunchback just smiles and grits his teeth as the monster stares his down and laughs.

Midian: Oh don't worry, I think I have a splendid Idea. You see, once I defeat jungle Jim, and " WILL defeat him, I will possess the BWB TV title, and will happily put it on the line against you just so I can teach you a valuable lesson. Once I am finished with this idiot, I will return to finish what I started with you, that is IF you manage to impress the back office and actually become a foe worthy enough to challenge for the title, as it is right now, you fail to meet those requirements, you fail to even make me think of you as an actual threat, and thus, I laugh at you Hunchback. You got a lucky win, but it amounts to nothing, just like your entire career, just like you!

At these last words Midian leans in close to Hunchback, getting in his face, but Hunchback has heard enough of the taunts and rears back and punches Midian right across the Jaw.! The crowds erupts into cheers as Hunchback begins Pummeling the off balance monster, But not for long as Midian hits him with a low blow sending Hunchback to the canvas in a heap.

Midian: How...DARE you attack your better!? You simple minded little fool, you have no damn Idea what it is you are getting yourself into! I AM The Misery Machine boy, and now you have my utmost attention...

Midian Smiles and cracks Hunchback in the temple with his Mic, the crowd boos as Midian stands over the wounded, but still fighting man, Midian Just grins and Lifts Hunchback up, preparing to drive him into the Mat with his deadly Finishing move the Lesson learned, midian holds him and turns around, mocking each side of the arena as trash is hurled at him and boos echo so loudly that nothing else can be heard, finally Midian drops to his knees driving Hunchbacks head into the Mat, mIdian recovers his Mic and stands over him as he holds his head in pain.

Midian: THAT insect, was me teaching you a valuable lesson in pain!

Midian now stares into the camera.

Midian: Jungle Jim, I hope you are watching, i hope you realize what it is your going to be facing, because i have No remorse, no mercy, and no reason to hold anything back. I WILL be BWB TV champion, and nothing, and no one will stand in my way! The last time we met on the 4th of July, and I destroyed you, this will not be different., just like this worm, you too will be left lying on the mat wondering why you were stupid enough to get in my way, and me? i will be standing over you, the new BWB Television champion!

Midian tosses down his Mic and looks once again at Hunchback who is now on his knees, his head cradled in his hands, Midian Smiles and then spits upon the injured man, and the crowd roars in dissapproval, more trash raining in around Midian as he simply holds out his arms and drinks in the hate laughing sadistically as Perfection or vanity once again begins to play
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Midian Appears to confront Hunchback and warn Jungle Jim
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