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 Jungle Jim arrives ...

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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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Jungle Jim arrives ... Empty
PostSubject: Jungle Jim arrives ...   Jungle Jim arrives ... EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 8:03 am

This is Jessica Cyan reporting and I'm about to talk to Jungle Jim. Care to comment on your arrival here at Backyard Wrestling

I'm not going to say anything yet ... I'll let the B.W.B. find out on their own what I'm all about... BUT, I would like to talk about my new line of merchandise available for sale at various retail stores near you and at ... just in time for the summer rush

JJ pulls out an action figure of his-self and playfully makes the doll dance thru the air. He then hands Jessica the doll.

You know he comes with "kung-fu" grip, has his pet lion "SIMBA" and even his BFF Jungle Jill. All this in one easy to assemble action play-set. You can even buy more adventure sets to totally expand the fun ...

There's the Giant Mole-Man add-on set and the Dinosaur Valley add-on set and you can even buy the Jungle Jim Tree House play set ... ohhh I want one of them.

JJ starts playing with the action figures and gets lost in his own little world. He turns away from Jessica and proceeds down the hallway towards the Locker Room, all the time making "whoosh" sounds as he glides the figures thru the air.

Jessica looks at the the Jungle Jim action figure, then down the hallway and finally the camera.

This is Jessica Cyan reporting ...
She looks back over her shoulder one more time as JJ disappears down the hallway
Just where does the GM Sommerlund find these guys anyways ?
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Jungle Jim arrives ...
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