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 Silver is impressed. (week two)

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The Silver Fanged Wolf

The Silver Fanged Wolf

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Silver is impressed. (week two) Empty
PostSubject: Silver is impressed. (week two)   Silver is impressed. (week two) EmptyTue Sep 29, 2009 4:47 am

The camera shows Allie walking backstage. She waves and walks past some of BWB staff, smiling. She walks in the parking lot, and walks up to a black limo. She walks over to a man wearing a black tux and hat assumed to be the driver, who is leant against the car, checking his watch.

"Umm, isn't this The Silver Fanged Wolf's limo?"

"Yeah, but the man isn't here, obviously."

She continues, despite the sarcasm.

"Do you know where he is?"

"He was here, but he said he had to do something in the locker room. I've been waiting here like an hour. I don't mind, Im getting paid by the hour, so it evens out.


She walks to the locker room, walking past some BWB wrestlers. She opens up the door, to show The Silver Fanged Wolf, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, with a black bag in his left hand, sitting on a bench, inside of a locker room, along some other wrestlers.

"Umm, Fang-"

"What is this? I came here and I find out that I have to share a locker room? That bites- Oh, hello. I didnt know groupies traveled."

"Im not a groupy, Im the Backyard Wrestling Battleground's interviewer, Allie."

She smiles happily, and he looks at her as if wondering 'Are you serious?'

"Well, Allie, Im not much of a people person. I'm usually calm around women, so don't worry. But I don't like the way this is. So, Im going to tell you this: If I don't like the way things are, I change them. Simple."

One of the wrestlers bumps TSFW's shoulder accidently when trying to leave the room, and TSFW gets a grin on his face. He reaches forward, and pulls the man's hair, revealing it to be Pig X. TSFW kicks Pig in the gut, and the two trade punches. As Pig starts to match TSFW blow for blow, TSFW kicks him in the gut once more, then locks his hands behind Pig's haed, and knees him multiple times in the skull, until Pig falls to his knees.

TSFW then pushes one of the wrestlers who was checking himself out in a giant mirror out of the way, and he knocks the mirror to the ground, and it remains intact. He drags Pig over to the mirror, then places Pig's head between his thighs.

The Silver Fanged Wolf locks Pig X's arms behing his back, then lifts Pig X, and connects with a Butterfly Piledriver on the mirror, sending it crashing in pieces!

TSFW lays on his knees, somewhat satisfied by that move, and the other BWB wrestlers look at Pig and TSFW in shock, and Pig starts to visibly bleed from a cut, and TSFW signals for Allie to come over, who looks still in shock at them.

"See, now THAT was impressive. I want everyone to see this moment as the moment everything went wrong. I know he saw it. The look on his face when he realized he made a mistake.. I wanted to share it with him. Aren't I great? Well, Im off, I have a limo to catch."

TSFW chuckles and walks out of the locker room with a smile on his face. Quiet still remains as staff runs to Pig, who still lays on the ground, injured, and the scene fades to black.
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Silver is impressed. (week two)
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