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 Where´s my child

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Chayne Saw

Chayne Saw

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PostSubject: Where´s my child   Where´s my child EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 9:02 pm

The scene opens and you Chayne Saw running down the floor. You can see the anger in his face as well the scars caused by Stitch´s last attack on Tuesdays BWB Frontier. He stops at a lockerroom door that has a little paper on it telling "Stitch"..he opens the door and you see an empty locker...just benches standing around...and...a TV with an DVD player...another paper on the tv´s front saying "play me"..chayne starts the TV and presses play on the DVD player..

The picture switches from black to extreme white...slowly it fades back to normal colour which shows that the seen picture was recorded with a digital camera...We can see an old boiler room and a person sitting on a chair..tide to it with´s [color=green]Cathie...You can hear a voice...It seems it´s the voice from the person behind the camera...and after hearing the voice everyone knows exactly who it is

Stitch: Howdy partner. This is good child TV. What we see here is Cathie the daughter of Chayne Saw....

Chayne Saw: Cathie...

Chayne´s face is a mixture of sadness and anger as he stares on the screen with dark empty eyes

Stitch: So I guess Daddy wants his little Lady back. And tonight is his chance.....

Stitch steps in front of the camera.

Stitch: You and me in one ring. I bring Cathie and you useless body...If you win, you will get your daughter...If not...I´ll get a bloodbath...Ah one thing about the match type..I hope you are the tough guy I believe in..Cause you will face me in a Stitch´s Style Hardcore Match

Stitch laughs as the camera is turned off. Chayne Saw stares at the dark screen...and shouts out a loud screen while he smashes the TV to the floor. He grabs a bench and troughs it at the cameramen

Chayne Saw: Get out, get out...GEEEEEEEEEET OOOOOOUT

He pushes the cameramen out of the room and slams the the screen slowly fades to black you can hear sounds of things being crushed to the wall from inside the locker
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Where´s my child
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