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 Locker Room Anticipation 9/5

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Locker Room Anticipation 9/5 Empty
PostSubject: Locker Room Anticipation 9/5   Locker Room Anticipation 9/5 EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 9:14 pm

Use this before my fight

Allie and the cameraman walk over to Cykill's door and knock. The security around the doorway are all on pins and needles wondering what will happen in the locker room now.
Cykill: "Come In!!!"
Allie and the cameraman enter the room and as the camera is rolling they see that the room is totally trashed. An arm of the couch is torn off the frame, the food table and it's contents tossed like an avant gard painting all over the walls and floor, locker doors ripped from the hinges and totally dented to non-use.
Allie: "Oh My Good !!!"
The camera pans over to a corner, where Cykill is crouched down in the corner with his hands over his head.
Allie: "Cykill. Are you OK? We heard the commotion and were wondering what happened?"
Cykill: "Forget that. What do you want to know? Because I just got some disturbing news."
Allie: "Well. I wanted to talk with you on your match against The 13th Warrior tonight in a Last Blood Match for the Intercontinental Title. But it seems like something more pressing has gotten to you. Are you prepared for your battle tonight?"
Cykill takes his hands off his head and presses the wall behind him to stand up. Cykill takes a few steps towards the lockers and throws a punch into the side of it, denting it further.
Cykill: "To be honest, I'm not sure of anything right now. I know you saw that guy that I brought in here before. Well, that was my father. Well it seems since I left the Jackel's Motorcycle Gang, there have been some real changes. My Father is here tonight to help guard madden from me."
Allie: "Your kidding, right?
Cykill: "I wish I were. But I think I'll save the rest for later tonight. I have to be professional here and you asked me about my fight against The 13th Warrior. After my last match with the Warrior and my dismal failure to pin him, I asked Sommerlund to give me a Last Blood Match. I know it sounds stupid, but I wanted this match to prove that the Warrior is just a fluke win over me and that in a Last Blood Match, I have no equal."
Allie: "Considering the way this room looks, I think The 13th Warrior may have some real competiton tonight for your title. But are you right in the head to fight is my question? You let loose in here and maybe you've shot your load already and might lose tonight from over exertion."
Cykill: "I told you. I'll take on anybody for this title. The Warrior won last week and he deserves the shot for it."
Allie: "That is a very professional attitude considering your circumstances tonight. Is there anything else you'd like to say Cykill?"
Cykill: "Not at the moment Allie, thanks."
As Allie and the cameraman are getting ready to leave, Cykill says something.
Cykill: "You want a scoop? You wait till after my fight tonight and you'll get one Hell of a doozy!!!"
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Locker Room Anticipation 9/5
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