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 Sommerlunds Ultimatum 8/22

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Sommerlunds Ultimatum 8/22 Empty
PostSubject: Sommerlunds Ultimatum 8/22   Sommerlunds Ultimatum 8/22 EmptyWed Aug 19, 2009 7:05 pm

You can open the show with this!!!

Sommerlund walks out from behind the curtains on the staging ramp and waits for the applause to die down a bit before talking.
Sommerlund: "Welcome everybody to another show of the Backyard Wrestling Battleground. This week I have been in countless meetings with the board members of the BWB and we have all been forced by circumstances to institute a new ruling on a few of our federation members. Considering the severity of the situation and the circumstances of there standing in this federation, we have come to the conclusion that the only way to appease the board and let these members still compete, is to enforce our will on these guys as severely as possible. So I have these two guys standing by in there lockerrooms with monitors and cameramen so they can both get this message at the same time."
Sommerlund walks down the ramp and asks the audience to watch as he gives his ultimatum.
Sommerlund: "Cykill and madden, I and the board have been forced by your incessant fighting and destruction of federation equipment that as of tonight, you will both be escorted everywhere when your in my domain by an army of security. Whenever you enter the arena, you will be greeted by security and escorted to your lockerrooms. You have to take a dump, you will be escorted to the bathroom. Everytime you make a move inside this arena, you will have security up your asses at every step."
Cykill: "Whoo, wait a minute there bossman"
Sommerlund: "No, You shut your trap and listen up. As of right now, you both have 10 security guards right outside your lockerrooms waiting for you both to mess up. It's bad enough that tonight you have to fight each other in a return title fight for the Intercontinental Championship. But if you get out of hand, I have no recourse but to fire you both."
With a smirk on his face, madden begins talking.
madden: "Thats fine by me Sommerlund. Because I have an idea that I'm going to win that title tonight anyway. Cykill. When I get in that ring with you, the battle will be fought, and the result will be much more different than the last time. As for security, I hope they have there insurance paid up, because they may get into something that their not prepared for."
Cykill: "madden, tonight you will feel a whole new way of feeling pain."

Sorry about no formatting, having issues with my browser after I purged my harddrive.

Cykill can go in Red and madden can go in Blue
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Sommerlunds Ultimatum 8/22
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