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 No 1 contender for TV championship

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No 1 contender for TV championship Empty
PostSubject: No 1 contender for TV championship   No 1 contender for TV championship EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 10:17 pm

Commentator 1: Good evening and welcome to tonight's show of BWB

Commentator 2: Good evening and tonight there will be a tag team match between ..... and .....

Commentator 1 : Yeah, also we are having match between ..... and ..... for no 1 contender for intercontinental title for next season.

Commentatoe 2: The result could be anything but

Suddenly shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena. Entire arena erupts at the same time. Lights goes off while balaji enters the ring preceded by four druids.

Balaji: Balaji walks in the ring for a while picks up the mike. I could see the disappointment in your eyes that present TV champion is not eligible for carrying that title.

Commentator 1 : He is really teasing the champion.

Commentator 2 : Nobody knows whether he is going to get the title shot in the next season or get fired by sommer for his nasty behaviour.

Balaji : I am asking that idiot to come right away....

Sommerlunds Music hits the arena
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No 1 contender for TV championship
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