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 Grimmjow vs Madden 7/18 {Before & After}

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Grimmjow vs Madden 7/18 {Before & After} Empty
PostSubject: Grimmjow vs Madden 7/18 {Before & After}   Grimmjow vs Madden 7/18 {Before & After} EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 8:34 pm

*Grimmjow comes out to the ring with a barbed wire bat in his left hand leaning on his shoulder and a microphone on the other hand*

Grimmjow : I just beat a co-general manager last week and now I am facing madden, well tonight I will not spare him coz i have my favorite weapon. I know i can't use it in the match but I sure can enjoy it after the match.

*The crowd boos at Grimmjow*

Grimmjow : Yeah! Yeah! Boo me all you want, but after the match, we will see whos laughing and --

*Madden's theme music hits and he makes his way to the ring and Grimmjow throw his barbed wire bat*

AFTER THE MATCH It might good if Grimmjow wins

*Grimmjow takes the barbed wire bat and is going to hit Madden*

*Grimmjow goes for a powerful shot on Madden*

*The light immediately goes off and comes back on*

*Bomber Blue appears and spears Grimmjow and pushes Madden outside the ring*

*Bomber Blue takes the barbed wired bat and prepares to hit Grimmjow*

*Grimmjow leaves the ring and stares at Bomber Blue*

(A Nice Feud to begin my career at BwB, Ty Dynamo =D, Add the colors for all this stuff Very Happy I m too lazy)
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Grimmjow vs Madden 7/18 {Before & After}
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