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 Massage w/ a Happy Ending (7/18) [Part 1]

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Massage w/ a Happy Ending (7/18) [Part 1] Empty
PostSubject: Massage w/ a Happy Ending (7/18) [Part 1]   Massage w/ a Happy Ending (7/18) [Part 1] EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 6:58 am

MitzuEmo is shown backstage stretching
MitzuEmo: Wooo! I need a massage..
MitzuEmo picks up a phone and calls a masseuse.
MitzuEmo:...Yes. BWB. I'll wait outside for you. Ok thanks.
MitzuEmo walks through the garage and waits outside.
He meets the masseuse and they go back to the room.
MitzuEmo:..Yeah thanks. Here's your tip.
Masseuse: Thanks, take this.
MitzuEmo: An ace of spades? Ummm..Ok? Thanks. Bye.
MitzuEmo shuts the door and throws the card in the garbage.
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Massage w/ a Happy Ending (7/18) [Part 1]
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