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 After fight retribution 7/5

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After fight retribution 7/5 Empty
PostSubject: After fight retribution 7/5   After fight retribution 7/5 EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 2:12 am

--Add after the fight is over--

Cykill slides out under the ropes as madden is still laying on the mat and heads to his motorcycle and unwinds a chain that is wrapped around the seat and heads back into the ring. Wrapping the chain around his hand, Cykill hits madden across the forehead and busts him wide open. Cykill takes the chain and wraps madden's legs together and yanks the chain taut, pulling madden to the ring apron and plopping him down to the mats outside the ring. Tying off the chain to the seat of his motorcycle, Cykill straddles the Bike and kickstarts the engine into life. As the crowd looks on and yells, Cykill kicks it into first gear and roars up the rampway, dragging madden behind him. At the top of the ramp, Cykill stops and raises his hand in the air again, and yells "ODIN". Cykill roars out of the curtains dragging madden behind him.
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After fight retribution 7/5
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