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 Parking area interview of Cykill 7/5

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Parking area interview of Cykill 7/5 Empty
PostSubject: Parking area interview of Cykill 7/5   Parking area interview of Cykill 7/5 EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 1:48 am

--Somewhere in the beginning of the show--

VROOM, The sound of a motorcycle can be heard entering the parking area and Allie the interviewer runs out to meet up with Cykill

Allie: "Cykill, Cykill, can I get a quick interview with you before your fight tonight."

Cykill: "Sure thing darlin', What's on your mind?"

Allie: "Well to start with, congratulations on being chosen for the Main Show."

Cykill: "Thank Ya darlin', it was a toss up to start with, not that it matters much, a fight is a fight wherever you have me."

Allie: "Then the fact that your fighting an old enemy like madden doesn't bother you in the least?"

Cykill: "From the day I met that piece of garbage, all I've ever done was kick his ass. Tonight I'll just do what I love to do and kick his ass all over the arena, yet again."

Allie: "That's a pretty bold statement if I ever heard one. I was noticing your motorcycle on the way in. Now that I get a closer look, it's pretty scratched up."

Cykill: "Hold on a minute darlin', thats not accident scars but deliberate scarring. Come over here and I'll explain it more."

Cykill kneels down by the tank and shows Allie the marks and starts to say

Cykill: "Each scratch is a victim of my brutality. After each victory, I take a knife and scratch the frame with a new notch. At this rate, I'll need a new bike pretty soon."

Allie: "My Goodness. With all those marks, you have been in a lot of battles."

Cykill: "You know it darlin', and tonight I'll add another for madden."

Just as Cykill finishes that statement, A high REV from a motorcycle can be heard coming into the parking area. Madden heads towards Cykill at full throttle waving his patented Bullwhip with Brass Knuckles. Out of conditioning, Cykill grabs Allie and covers her over as madden wheels by and SNAPS the whip across Cykill's back. With a loud roar, madden keeps on going.

Allie: "Cykill, are you alright?"

Cykill: "So that animal wants blood, fine, tonight he'll get some and maybe more."

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Parking area interview of Cykill 7/5
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