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 Working towards reconciliation

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Working towards reconciliation Empty
PostSubject: Working towards reconciliation   Working towards reconciliation EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 12:29 am

The idea of what my brother and I are doing is battling whenever we can in and out of the ring. Sneak attacks galore before and after matches. Then we can work it that the boss is getting pissed off that we are always fighting and puts security on us. One of us gets the bright idea to use buddies from our biker gangs as security. Then after a few matches, we introduce dad into the picture with the gang and he see's who our opponent is and tries and stops our fighting.

Once the team has been brought together, we try and expand the gang with others from the fed and make it like the old Freebirds, where at any given time, you never know who your opponents will be, could be me and madden, could be madden and a third partner and so on. Leave the imaginations of the fans to figure who we will introduce and fight.
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Working towards reconciliation
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