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 Dorm's interview the draft pick in joining the frontier..

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Dorm's interview the draft pick in joining the frontier.. Empty
PostSubject: Dorm's interview the draft pick in joining the frontier..   Dorm's interview the draft pick in joining the frontier.. EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 12:17 am

Dorm-Mi-Nance is on his way to the ring when Ashley Green ran into him...

Wow!!Wow!! Cool down lady..

Hi Dorm,Nice to meet you..
Ahhhh..Jessica is right in saying that Dorm is cute..
Your so cute..

I heard that a lot..
Now let's get to the point..
What do you need from me?

What do you think about the draft pick?
Give me a thought or two about it?

Dorm snatches the microphone from Ashley..

About that..
I don't care getting draft pick in any show..
I saw the show that day when i got draft picked..
Shane seem disappointed on getting me on the show..
But i bet he'll change his reaction soon..
He thought I was just a new blood...
He'll soon realize that I'm the best wrestler in the show...
I'm not going to be best wrestler on the show but I'm going to be a legend in this business by eliminating every single wrestler in BWB..
Shane's ass was lucky in our last match..
He should have lost to me..
Since We are in different show right now,
I have to look for a new victim..

Dorm turns his attention towards the camera from Ashley Green and say..

Hey shane..
You're just lucky in that match and you know it...
I should have dominated the match but I gave you a chance..
I thought of making it a fair game..
But i took so much time..
You were lucky and you knew it,fool!!
That's all Ashley...
Anyway you look great..

How sweet is he?
And his cute..
There's Dorm...
With his thought on the draft pick...
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Dorm's interview the draft pick in joining the frontier..
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