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 Ideas after the 'take over'

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Ideas after the 'take over' Empty
PostSubject: Ideas after the 'take over'   Ideas after the 'take over' EmptySat Dec 05, 2009 3:53 am

Hmmmm..Since if been inactive for awhile,here's an idea..The idea just came to my head..Since..There's a lot of 47 wrestlers here and all of their WS are close to each other how about a roster split-up..Maybe one of the DK or maybe diff heel wrestler aren't happy with the current roster and decide to split the two roster..hmmm...Or maybe Sommer is happy with one of the wrestler and trust him so much that Sommer pass one half of BWB's show to the wrestler..Or last but not lease,Sommer passboth shows to two vgms..Its like sommer is the chairman of BWB..Hehe!An Idea..I know we once use this topic but I think,now we're ready..Since the difference isn't so far's the idea??
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Ideas after the 'take over'
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