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 All hail the Creature of the Night

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Foxx Carr

Foxx Carr

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All hail the Creature of the Night Empty
PostSubject: All hail the Creature of the Night   All hail the Creature of the Night EmptySun Nov 01, 2009 6:46 pm

Foxx Carr is a gimmick name created as an Eric Carr tribute (R.I.P.). The gimmick has grown up as he's also called himself, "the Creature of the Night" or "the Rock'n'roll psycho".

With a sick and twisted personality, Foxx is capable to do it all to gain the crowd's respect but also he has done it all to win the title. In the past he has protected a fan of a rival's attack, putting his own career on the line but, after, he has attacked bruttaly the same opponent, making him loss an eye or burning his backstage room to the ground.

We don't have more about Foxx past. He is not show without make up but as we see him playing drums or other instruments, he is possible been part of some rock band and maybe still is. Anyway, Foxx means entertainment and brutality.
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All hail the Creature of the Night
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