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 Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance

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Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance Empty
PostSubject: Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance   Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance EmptySun Jun 28, 2009 10:59 pm

Lights darkened as Dorm-Mi-Nance move down the ramp in his Aston Martin..
He gets of his vehicle and enters the ring..
He moves to the commentator's table and took a mic and get into the center of the ring..

Hi..Nice to see you all here..
I'm here to make an open challenge for anyone at the backstage..
I'm ready for anyone..
Because I'm not afraid of all you clowns at the back..
I know I'm better than you guys..
So,Any fools back there who thinks that he is better than me..
Get out here and face me..
See how good you are..

Dorm lowers down the microphone and waits for someone to accepts his challenge..
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Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance Empty
PostSubject: Re: Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance   Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 8:07 pm

--Dorm-Mi-Nance waits in the ring, for someone to answer his challenge. As it seems no one will answer his call the crowd starts to cheer as Shane Andrews comes from the back with his own microphone. Shane pauses on stage before he starts to speak.--

Shane: fools…clowns. You stand there and proclaim that your better then everyone here in this company. That is easy to do when your all alone, when you think that nobody is willing to answer your challenge. Well sorry to say for you someone is here to answer your challenge.

--Crowd cheers at Shane’s response--
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Open challenge by Dorm-Mi-Nance
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