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 Banana's announcement 20.10

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Banana's announcement 20.10 Empty
PostSubject: Banana's announcement 20.10   Banana's announcement 20.10 EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 5:08 am


Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" hits the backyard as BananaJoe steps through the curtain heading towards the ring. He enters the ring, gets a microphone ans addresses the crowd.
BananaJoe: How are you enjoying The Frontier so far?
The crowd scream, yell, clap and cheer their approval and BananaJoe gets a smile on his face.
BananaJoe: Very good. However i have a serious topic that i'd like to talk about.
A slight scowl appeares on BananaJoe's face.
BananaJoe: As you are all aware of, we are only a few days away from our Pay-Per-View. BWB's BLOODLUST.
And as you all propably also know, I am scheduled to face the spokesman of the Donkey Kongs, Dysurh Von Hawkhem in the long awaited and well deserved title match.
The crowd starts booing as they hear DvH's name.
BananaJoe waits until the crowd calms down a bit.
BananaJoe: In our little rivalry we've been in a lot of different matches. Even with random Tag Partners. This Saturday will be the most violent encounter yet. There wont be any tapouts. There wont be any pinfalls. It will only end when one of us loses consciousness.
It will be a Last Blood match!!
The crowd cheers at the announcement.
BananaJoe turns towards the locker room area.
BananaJoe: This time, there is no sissy way out, DvH! Even if your callboys decide to interfere, i will knock 'em out as well.
BananaJoe lets the microphone fal to the ground and heads back towards the locker room.

[OOC: this isn't anything fancy ... but given the limited time i didn't have the chance to get DvH to add to this rp ... i intended for him to get in my face, to spice things up, oh well.]
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Banana's announcement 20.10
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