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 Black Standard Strikes!

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PostSubject: Black Standard Strikes!   Black Standard Strikes! EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 9:11 pm


Yung makes his way down to the ring looking very irratated.

Yung gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Yung:I came out here tonight because of Grimm and Siruis,so you two morons think that you can take me.

Yung Grins

Yung:The both of you morons or out off my league and you guys know that and these morons out here know that!

Fans Boo

Yung:What i think about this is altercation is i think its a great idea.

Yung Paces around the ring

Yung:Put a superstar who is nothing and never will be nothing Vs. the moron himself Siruis Vs. the future of BWB The Black Standard!

Yung Drops the mic and leaves out to the ram
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PostSubject: After Show on 10th   Black Standard Strikes! EmptyMon Oct 12, 2009 7:45 pm

Sirius is in the back, he has a handful of ice on his head...
Sirius: I have punks either side of me, first I have a ref who is blind, next I am taken out by some coward, then I submit to Grimmjow because he decided to use an illegal maneuver... so once again, the ref was BLIND! I feeling pretty bad, because I have people looking for a fair and decent contest, but it seems like that doesn't exist in BWB... fine... I might be threatened with contract termination but everybody knows that SIRIUS is the true master of the BWB wrestling ring... there are no second chances, it looks like I have clowns in punk clothing walking around running their mouths... I take every fight to the middle of this ring and sort it out to the end... I will be watching to see what happens next... I WILL TAKE GRIMMJOW, YUNG AND A BLACK BEAR IN A THREE ON ONE STREET FIGHT... I WILL FIGHT IN A WORLD VERSUS SIRIUS MATCH... I AM READY TO STEAL EVERY WIN I GET... cheating death, killing time, wasting nothing but making sure you remember who I AM... SIRIUS!
Sirius punches out the camera
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Black Standard Strikes!
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