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 Unexpected assault!

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Unexpected assault! Empty
PostSubject: Unexpected assault!   Unexpected assault! EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 10:40 pm

The camera points at Young Gun that is giving an interview for the upcoming match against Johnny Camaro. Young Gun stops, looking behind him, hearing someone walking. Seeing that he was noticed, the mysterious person quickly runs to Young Gun and hits him with a steel chair, making him fall down. The camera shows that mysterious figure to everyone, it was the newcomer – Antary! He speaks in the camera:
Antary: I don`t care about my last match, who cares if the spot is vacant...
An evil smile appeared on Antary`s face. Submission wrestler hits laying champion with a steel chair twice. Young Gun was trying to make it to the exit, but he was interrupted by Antary, who gets him by the neck and puts him at a wooden table. Unsealing the steel chair and putting it at King of the Backyard`s neck, he walks away
Antary: I`ll show you some acrobatics. Ha-ha!
Then shows some great agility running with a nice speed towards the table and jumps, landing at the steel chair, sealing it and breaking the table. Young Gun is left seriously injuried because of the chair, while Antary thinks what else to do with the "champion".
Antary: I doubt you know anything about submissions, so, WATCH, LEARN, SUFFER!
Performing a ripping Sleeper hold submission on Young Gun`s wounded neck who screams, the pain was crazy, but that didn`t stop Antary. Soon guards come in and start to break Antary`s hold, Antary managed to do a lot damage to Young Gun, who is laying unconscious. A little rumble with the guards and Antary runs away, screaming:
Antary: Now try fighting like this!...

*YG, let`s say that this is why your neck was broken. Note: Edited*
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Unexpected assault! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unexpected assault!   Unexpected assault! EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 5:49 am

great idea
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Unexpected assault!
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