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 Sirius v Black Standard

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Sirius v Black Standard Empty
PostSubject: Sirius v Black Standard   Sirius v Black Standard EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 8:01 pm

Sirius is out the back in the locker room
Sirius: I have a match against Black Standard. Fair enough... a challenge to begin in a war and end in tears and bloodshed... fine, lets see what he can bring... I don't think he is aware of the possibility of this match being his last? and if it isn't, I am going to make sure that the BWB fans are screaming my name... SIRIUS! SIRIUS! SIRIUS!... I am the ultimate challenger for you, Black Standard... truth is, it sounds like your lack of skills match the lack of character you possess... my soul reaps rewards greater than any man... my heart beats the blood that fuels the bells that toll... TOLL for the sin of failure... the failure to complete the task... the task of getting out of my submission moves... the task of overtaking SIRIUS... This is one step for a start to a greater glory!
Sirius Sirius finished lacing up his boots and walks out...
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Sirius v Black Standard
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