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 Kristin And Johnny Hangin' In The Back (NOT DONE)

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Kristin And Johnny Hangin' In The Back (NOT DONE) Empty
PostSubject: Kristin And Johnny Hangin' In The Back (NOT DONE)   Kristin And Johnny Hangin' In The Back (NOT DONE) EmptyTue Sep 29, 2009 8:48 pm

Ok So Pretty Much Johnny's Been Getting HUGE Hype From The Back -And The Alumni That Have Shown Up At BWB- Because He's With Kristin Blake. He's Been With Kristin For A Couple Of Weeks And Still Doesn't Have A Match Which Doesn't Bother Him He Gets To Hang With Kristin All Night. I Mean Come On. She's Pretty Hot. Now I Know What You're All Thinking. I'm Going Out With Her, Right? Don't Worry We're Just Friends. Anyway For The Past Weeks Johnny And Kristin Have Been In The Back, In The Big Locker Room With The BIG T.V. Playing Street Fighter And Mortal Kombat And Lose...SOMETIMES! But I Digress. Anyway After Beating Antary Johnny Was Feeling A Little Cocky, But Mostly Excitement (Who Wouldn’t Be?). On Top Of All That, Kristin Brought Johnny Down To Her Apartment Where No One Could Interrupt Their Game (Or Bud Into The Game), Or Eat All The Cookies She Made. It Was Just Her And Johnny And The PS3…And The Cookies!!!
Johnny: Alright Cookies, Sick Video Games, And My Bestest Buddy In The Whole Wide World Kristin!!!
Kristin: Ya, This Is The Bestest Day Ever! You Winning The #1 Contenders Match And Soon The KOTB Championship! Someone Needs To Get It Off Of Young Gun
Johnny: Now, Shall I Beat You In Mortal Kombat Or BWB?
Kristin: I’ll Be Christy So You Can Take All Your Anger Out In The Game.
Johnny: What?
Kristin: Oh, You Didn’t See It?
Johnny: No.
Kristin: Well It’s On YouTube, Which Is Surprising Because No One Likes To Hear Her Voice. Anyway TO THE COMPUTER
They Rush Over To The Computer And Open The Clip On YouTube.
Let’s Read
Done? Ok

Last edited by 'Hotstuff' JohnnyCamaro on Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:33 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I'll Finish As Soon As Someone Finishes The Demonic Knights Do One To Bad Mouth Me)
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Kristin And Johnny Hangin' In The Back (NOT DONE)
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