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 Schizio at frontier...

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Schizio at frontier... Empty
PostSubject: Schizio at frontier...   Schizio at frontier... EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 11:43 pm

/* place this after my entrance*/

Schizio stands in the middle of the ring with a mic in hand…

Schizio: Finally, the Savage One is here on BWB! At long last Schizio stands again in the ring.

Schizio looks on the crowd as the crowd cheers in confusion…

Felix Devine: It’s Schizio from the old EWF. How did he manage to get here?

Darren Johnson: Who cares? Haha! He did a match last season. You're getting old.

Felix Devine: Shut up. Anyway, what a way to start the new season with the Savage One…

Schizio: At EWF, I was rising to fame. I am getting what I deserved, and then what? Things ended abruptly. I was left hanging… with nothing… Everything was forgettable. Then what? Some fed picked me up. The Savage One was kept to rot. The following days sucked, days became weeks, and weeks became months and what? I was buried. But now! Now I am here… Here in BWB!

Schizio pumps his chest and points to the crowd. The crowd then cheers as BWB chants started in the arena…

Schizio: I am here to continue what I have started. I am here to get what I deserve. I am here to fight. I am here to be on top.

Schizio pauses and looks around the crowd…

Schizio: the Savage One itches for a fight. The Savage One waited for this time to come. It is time! Time to fight again! I am the Savage One… This is only the beginning! Believe! Prepare for the Savage Experience!

Schizio drops the mic away as Schizio stares fiercely at the crowd…
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Schizio at frontier...
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