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 After the Spade Show

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After the Spade Show Empty
PostSubject: After the Spade Show   After the Spade Show EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 3:48 am

[i]DvH is walking with the other Demonic Knights and they are all scrapping over what has just happened down in the Spade Show

Zambo: For God's Sake Dysurh why didn't you take us with you? We'd have 5 out cold Contenders if you did!
Dysurh: Look Zambo, Heres how I saw it, All's I had to do was go down ther and show Ace, that if he wasn't going to do anything stupid I wouldn't re-injure him and his boyfriend, just to show everyone that DK chose what happens in the immediate future, not some retard like Sommerlund who is still prancing around with his new toy, which I will have soon, give it a while obviously, I need to scout him very closely and that may take a while, he defiantly's got me scouted already, he scouted me before hiring me so at the moment he has the advantage. Anyway back onto the subject of my "Contenders". They have nothing on me, any of them one on one I'd beat, all's I gotta do is wait to see which one beats the others, in fact i got a better idea, lets them have a 4 on 4 Match! Us the Demonic Knights vs MuffinMan, BananaJoe, Midian and Grimmjow, with that BlackStandard guy as manager for them so that we can get him too, Elimination Match, If they win, then the guy who got most pins or Submissions is Number One Contender and the others have to wait another life for an oppurtunity like this. *Dysurh laughs evily*
Dorm-Mi-Nance: Yeah and if we win then, NONE of them are Contender *Dorm joins Dysurh's laugh*
Zambo: And also if they lose they all have to compete in a 5 Man Battle Royal Match afterwards just to tire them further! *Zambo Joins in the laughing*

Young Gun looks left and right shrugs his shoulders and starts to laugh as the Demonic Knights reach their Locker Room's.[/i]
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After the Spade Show
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