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 Cykill's Bio and Gimmick

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Cykill's Bio and Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Cykill's Bio and Gimmick   Cykill's Bio and Gimmick EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 1:46 am

Wrestler Name: Cykill
Alignment: Heel, Tweener
Feuds/Enemies: Mongol Motorcycle Gang, madden
Friends: Hells Angels
Attitude/Personality: Easy going but Volatile
Nicknames: Cykill, Hellion
Born: Sturges, South Dakota 10/16/60
Attire: Jeans,Hells Angels Vest,Motorcycle
Entrance Theme: "Painkiller" by Judas Priest -- Link:
Finishers: Compact Crusher, Hell Driver Bulldog, Uru Hammer Drop
Favorite Weapon: Motorcycle, Chains and anything I can get my hands on

Born in the Black Hills of South Dakota to Little Tony and his Old Lady. Cykill grew up in the biker world of the Jackal's Motorcycle Gang. From the time he could walk, Cykill would fight against anybody who would confront him, even his Father. As time moved on, Cykill grew into a strong fighter, but could never win against his father. At the age of 17, Cykill was approached by the leader of the gang when he saw that Cykill and Little Tony were always fighting. He offered Cykill 2 options if he wanted to become a Jackal. First, he had to fight his father in the sandpit match. If he won, he would be given his colors right there and then and become a full member. The 2nd option was banishment from the gang. Cykill didn't hesitate a second and grabbed his father and threw him into the side of the pit and began beating him to within an inch of his life. He scooped his father up and bodyslammed him onto the top of the sandwall and then began thrashing him even further. Little Tony never got this kind of beating from his son before and began swinging his arm to slap his son away, but Cykill just dodged the slap and began fighting like an animal in the sandpit, not giving his father a chance to hit him again till the fight was over and Tony was out cold.
3 years later after countless victories in the sandpit matches against every willing member of the gang. Cykil yearned for something more. Mingo the Leader took Cykill into his confidence and told him that most of the gang was afraid of his tactics in the ring and that he wouldn't find any other fighters in the gang to match him. Mingo offered Cykill a chance to make good on his talents elsewhere. He called an oldtime friend of his from another gang and offered Cykill to him. That gang was the Hells Angels in New York City. Cykill knew what he had to do and gathered his belongings and hopped on his bike and made his way to the Big City.
Cykill made his way into the Flat Iron District in NY and ran across the Hells Angels Headquarters. Upon trying to enter the building, Cykill was met by a half dozen Angels with hate in their hearts for any other Biker making way into there territory. They attacked Cykill, but one by one, Cykill pounded them into bloody messes. Turk, the leader of the gang stopped the fight and says, "Now that was impressive. Boys, meet our newest member." Turk offered Cykill his colors on one condition. There was a Mongol prowling around town causing trouble for his boys. He has a nasty attitude and takes them out one at a time. Your job is to get him and drag his ass thru the heart of Time Square. Cykill didn't waste any time and went out to the area where this Mongol was hiding. It didn't take long since Cykill was still wearing his Jackal Colors, since the Jackal's have been at war with the Mongols for years. Cykill confronted the Mongol and proceeded to tear him a new asshole. Cykill took his chain and wrapped it around the Mongrel that he was and hooked it to his motorcycle and dragged him all across town. From the Flat Iron District to Time Square, where he unhooked the Mongol and left him tattered and torn and bleeding. Upon getting back to the headquarters, Cykill was greeted by the whole gang and promptly given his colors, the Flaming Skull of the Hells Angels and one other commendation, Sargeant at Arms for the Gang.
Turk saw that Cykill was looking for something else and sent him in the Garden to tryout for Pro Wrestling. During the tryouts, he soundly trounced every guy they put in front of him leaving them battered and bloody. The promoter called Cykill, too violent even for this sport. The promoter sent Cykill away without a contract, making Cykill an even angrier person. Cykill vowed that once he found a federation that would accept him, he would do everything in his power to be the very best that they had to offer.
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Cykill's Bio and Gimmick
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