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 A New Era of BWB(NOT DONE)

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Felix Hunter

Felix Hunter

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A New Era of BWB(NOT DONE) Empty
PostSubject: A New Era of BWB(NOT DONE)   A New Era of BWB(NOT DONE) EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 3:20 am

The lights go off in the packed arena as the titantron turns to static. Some fans look around confused when a video package is shown as men and women are fighting. Suddenly a voice is heard over the echo's of the fighting.

[colour=black]Voice: A long time ago many people fought for complete dominancy of their chosen land. But now nothing can prepare them for the fight of their lives. BWB has been warned, bad things, a plague searches BWB and its arena.[/color]

The lights come back on as the video ends while the fans look around their surrondings

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A New Era of BWB(NOT DONE)
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