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 Antary is here!

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Antary is here! Empty
PostSubject: Antary is here!   Antary is here! EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 5:50 pm

Finally the day. The day when Antary`s talent was finally noticed. Few minutes until he`ll meet the crowd of the Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds. Young wrestler was thinking how he should present himself to the crowd. If the presentation will be bad, it will be hard to get popularity later. Antary had a lot of questions. But there`s not much time left. Antary could hear how his trainer is already coming to the locker room. Taking a big breath, submission wrestler gets up and looks at the time. Now the moment. Trainer comes in the locker, telling Antary that he should go now. Antary smiles and runs towards Titan Tron. Wrestler`s music was playing, the lights were turned off. When Antary finally made it to the Tron, music became more intense, spotlights create a terrific lightshow and many pyrotechnics flash on Titan Tron. Newcomer slowly makes his way to the ring, while his trainer runs to him, giving him suggestions on what should he say. Getting up on the ring, trainer gives him michrophone and leaves the ring. Submission wrestler smiles, music turns off, everything ends.
Antary: I`m glad that I`ve joined this federation. And I promise that YOU...
Antary points to the crowd.
Antary: ...Won`t regret that, neither! Remember, my name is Antary! You`ll see my fighting style soon enough, how strong, fast and endured I am! But for now, everything YOU need to know, is the name. I promise... That you won`t forget that name, never!
And after those words, Antary leaves the ring while the crowd was screaming, seems like they liked it.
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Antary is here!
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