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 posted match cards in TWG

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posted match cards in TWG Empty
PostSubject: posted match cards in TWG   posted match cards in TWG EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 12:22 am

never being a GM I don't know how it works but one thing that I find a little annoying is when I go to look at a match card under the TWG feds sectoin (after shows confirmed) a lot of GMs basically spell out what is going to happen on the show based on the listing.

for example
tournament matchs
wrestler A vs. Wrestler B
wrestler C vs. Wrestler D

then later on down the card
Wrestler A vs. Wrestler D

Basically they are saying that wrestlers A and D won their matches.

or like when it will say
Wrestler A talks bad about wrestler B

later down the card
Wrestler B attack Wrestler A

personally it's like giving away the spoilers to your own shows. Now if we want to do this for the match listings when posted in the fed, cool but not on the main feds board. Again my own personal opinion, just something that I roll my eyes at when I see it.
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posted match cards in TWG Empty
PostSubject: Re: posted match cards in TWG   posted match cards in TWG EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 1:08 am

For RPs, I'm just posting whatever title they want it to be.
However, for tournaments and matches with mystery wrestlers, I'll just put Unknown Wrestler or in the tournament's case, maybe "Winner of Match #1" and "Winner of Match #2" or something.
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posted match cards in TWG
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