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 Dark Dealings for First Show of 3rd Season (3 part RP)

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Dark Dealings for First Show of 3rd Season (3 part RP) Empty
PostSubject: Dark Dealings for First Show of 3rd Season (3 part RP)   Dark Dealings for First Show of 3rd Season (3 part RP) EmptySun Sep 06, 2009 11:22 pm

"The Camara faeds into the backstage where Allie is, looking nervous......"

(Allie): Do I have to do this?? I mean he tryed to hook up with me last time...then again he IS a champion now...WHAT AM I SAYING! He is a Demonic Knight, I can't go around with that!....Can I?

"Dysurh von Hawkhem walks in laughing with Dorm-Mi-Nance who is carrying his King of the BackYard Title and Zambo with the two tag titles and a very sexy body and young gun walking with them without a title"

(Dysurh Von Hawkhem): Okay look here YG your titleless so I'll go 'talk' with our GM and arrange something, I'll catch him happy too, he's the HeavyWeight Champion now, lucky sod, oh well im the TV Title Champ, which'll be the InterCon Title and then Heavyweight title someday, thats a fact. *DvH smirks as he turns to see Allie, who blushes*

Hello my pretty..
"DvH approaches her with a look on his face, Allie hesitates then kisses DvH as he approaches her!!!"

(Darren and Felix): Holy [Beep]!!
(Darren): Never saw that coming. Are we meant to be happy or disgusted?

(Felix): Ermm well if its true love then I guess we should be happy? I think?

"DvH and Allie break apart and have a flustered look on thier faces"

(Allie): Ermm..Err..Hi? Erm..DvH, you are the New TV Title Champion, congratulations are in order, guys bring it out...

"The Crew bring a huge box too DvH, a box big enough to hold a person!"

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): Wow! Thanks hun! *Dorm has a stunned look on his face, while Zambo has a gaping jaw and young gun just faints* Can I open it?

(Allie): Yeah Sure! Just remember this is from me to you. *Allie smirks and has a evil grin on her face as she sniggers*

"Dysurh asks for a crowbar and recieves one from 'Hello my Name is Stan' Dysurh cracks open the box and.......


"Midian starts to batter Dysurh with punches, before zambo pushes him off and attempts to punch him, but Midian ducks and cleans him out with a right hook sending him down as Dorm and young gun jump at him and attack him, Midian recieves a flurry of punches from both Dorm and young gun as DvH and Zambo get back, Midian double clotheslines Dorm and young gun taking them down, and turns towards Zambo and DvH, DvH walks backwards with his title as Zambo runs at Midian as gets a LEGENDARY Mouth of Madness (If I have spelt this wrong please correct me Midian) DvH turns and runs away with Midian in hot pursuit, the DK's start to get up and run off in the Midian's Direction......"

This is Part One, Second RP to be put up to conclude this scene, play this part then 2 matches play this part;

"DvH looks around with fear etched on his face and goes into a Boiler Room"

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): *out of breath* Oh God that was close..*huff-huff*
"Dysurh turns around to see.....

Ermm hi? Stitch right? Ermm can I have some help?

(Stitch):... Dysurh right? *DvH nods* I lost my match at NoR, I said I would win that and I lost..big time, I admit it, I was..slaughtered, I need something to redeem myself, so say I helped you against your adversary...would me redeem myself?

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): It depends, how do you wanna redeem yourself?

"DvH and Stitch start to talk quietly"

(Felix): Oh good god, this is not good!

Play this 3rd and Final Part After a match

"DvH is walking around carefully, near a Locker Room"

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): Okay this should be simple.. *A Male Crew Member is hugging his daughter in his locker room*

(Male Crew Member): How is my love bunny then? Did you have fun at your mumma's?

"Dysurh walks in with a chair and the daughter of the Crew Member screams"

*The man turns around and gets hit with a devastating chair shot!

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): Sorry little miss but your coming with me! *DvH graps the little girls arm as she screams for her father*

"As DvH approaches the boiler room again he spots someone......


and all around him are knocked out DK's !"

(Midian): What we got here? Dysurh stealing little children? After stealing my title? Wow didn't think you'd sink no lower unless you were stealing a dwarf! So anyway, how about this, you hand me either my title or the girl, your choice and remember, your in no place to bargain here, your boyfriends are all take care of.... *Stitch comes up behind Midian and....*
(Stitch): Except one! *Stitch clobbers Midian over the head with a Baseball Bat*
Now Dysurh my half of the deal is done, now please complete yours.

(Dysurh von Hawkhem): Glady *Dysurh throws Cathie to Stitch*
(Stitch): *Smiling* Hello..remember me? *Cathie whimpers*

(Darren): What a sick, twisted and Dark Dealing we have seen
(Felix): Wow and that was you who said that!

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Dark Dealings for First Show of 3rd Season (3 part RP)
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