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 Frankly Speaking

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Name: Frank Christopher

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Age: 22

Heel/Face: What the fed needs me to be, but I'd prefer to be a heel.

Finishers: Frankly Speaking and The Express

Wrestler type: Quick in the ring, but not a high flyer - He prefers to use his speed to generate high impacts, not to generate altitude.

Gimmick: Frank Christopher is a brash and brazen young man who is a relative newcomer to organized wrestling. He got his start just joking around with some friends in a skit for a talent show at his Alma Mater - Michigan State University. They performed a wrestling skit for the Greek Festival talent show with his fraternity brothers from Tau Kappa Epsilon and everyone was amazed at how agile he was, leaping and handspringing his way over his friends when they would attempt a "move". Everyone thought that somehow he was wired, but by the end of the show people started realizing that he was just a very athletic young man. On a dare from his frat brothers, Frank started working out with the wrestlers on the wrestling team at Michigan State who quickly realized his potential not in their sport, but as a future professional wrestler. The wrestling coach made him an offer. Frank would spend one year doing strength, wrestling, and acrobatic training and the coach would call a friend of his in the wrestling business. Frank accepted because he had grown up watching wrestling and enjoying not the gimmicks or the athleticism, but the roaring crowds wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and the like performed in front of every night. He was drawn by the spotlight and wanted to performs in front of thousands of fans every night. Now, here he is, starting his dream in BWB, performing in front of fans, which is what he wanted all along.
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Frankly Speaking
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