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 A sneak preview on Dorm-Mi-Nance and Zambo

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A sneak preview on Dorm-Mi-Nance and Zambo Empty
PostSubject: A sneak preview on Dorm-Mi-Nance and Zambo   A sneak preview on Dorm-Mi-Nance and Zambo EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 1:47 am

Allie and the cameraman was on their way to interview Dorm-Mi-Nance when they saw Dorm-Mi-Nance talking to Zambo in the backstage..Allie look at the camera and say..

Allie:Hmmm..Maybe they are having a stable talk..Bu--but why aren't Dysurh Von Hawkhem and Young gun with them?Hmmm..

The cameraman:Let's go and talk to them..

Allie:Wait-wait..Let's just get closer to them don't get too close to them..Let's just hear what they are up to..Hmmm..

Allie and the cameraman gets closer and sneak on them..

Dorm:So,Zambo..Looks like we are going to fight each other again huh?

Zambo:yea..Just like we did before we create this stable huh?

Dorm:Yea..Is not like I know I'm going to lose to you but---

Dorm-Mi-Nance eyes suddenly caught Allie and the cameraman..

Dorm:Hmmm..Looks like somebody is sneaking on us..Let's just talk somewhere else..

Dorm-Mi-Nance then takes out his smoke bomb from his pocket and burst it causing the area to covered in a deep mist..When the mist faded away,both wrestlers are no longer there...Allie then turns to the camera and say..

Allie:what has just happened?Anyway,why are they even together when tonight both of them are going to be challenging each other?Hmmm..What is in Dorm-Mi-Nance mind right now?What is his plan?Hmmm..

The camera then faded as Allie is still thinking what is going to happen tonight..
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A sneak preview on Dorm-Mi-Nance and Zambo
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