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 Kerak The True Warrior

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PostSubject: Kerak The True Warrior   Kerak The True Warrior EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 12:33 am

Kerak was born, eldest son to the mighty warlord Kareen in a remote village in the mountains and forests of Kazakhstan, near the borders of Russia and Mongolia.

The village was cut off from civilization but had plenty of fresh water, game and the soil was good for growing things. Its high mountains provided a natural barrier to invasion, although other ferocious tribes had tried. The warlord was a fierce defender of his people but also just. The As eldest son, Kerak was trained in all forms of warfare, defense and offense, hand-to-hand combat, and all matter of weapons. Although both of his parents were unusually tall, Kerak was a physical prodigy. By age 18, he had reached his full height 6 foot nine inches and he was well on his way to his maximum weight of 275 pounds. Soon, no-one could match him in sport combat, not even his father, the great Kareen.

Life was fairly peaceful until one night, the village was invaded by several tribes, aided by drug warlords who wanted the village and its natural defenses for themselves. A massacre took place, leaving all dead but Kerak, who fled, wounded into the forests. He was pursued but he knew the hidden places and stayed there until he was sufficiently healed. There being nothing left for him in his homeland, he decided to search the world to find his purpose.

After traveling throughout Russia, he learned he could almost earn a living as a wrestler, but had to work as a laborer to make up the difference. He was naturally smart but did not have the education needed to get a good job. Wrestling in Russia was fun but there was almost no competition, as Kerak not only towered over his competitors but his combat skills were far superior to virtually all others.

Kerak heard that America was the place were wrestling was respected and you could make very good money if you were the best. Kerak knew he was the best, so he made his way to New York, where he began his now famous career.

Kerak is never content to just win. He continues to learn from all styles of wrestling. He can take a joke but will not tolerate injustice, inside or outside the ring. He will defend all, friend or stranger, from the sorry elements of human society.

Although he employs some of those fancy light and sound displays, he does not have to try to act the part of a warrior because he truly is one. Mounted on his huge ebon steed, outfitted in a simple horned helmet, shield and studded leather, and brandishing a massive sword, he IS KERAK THE TRUE WARRIOR.
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Kerak The True Warrior
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