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 He's arrived

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Torsten Fritz

Torsten Fritz

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PostSubject: He's arrived   He's arrived EmptySat Aug 08, 2009 8:46 pm

Segment Name: He's Arrived

The camera picks up black hummer pulls up in the arena carpark.
The chrome wheels shine as the lights from ceiling reflect off of them.
The door stays closed, but slight movement can be made out through the tinted windows.
After a few moments, the door opens and a man steps out.
The top he is wearing looks as if it is about the rip as his muscles tense up.
He lifts the sunglasses from his eyes and places them on top of his head and slams the front door of his beast and opens the back door to grab a bag from the back seat, slamming that door shortly after.
He looks around the carpark to see who is about, but nothing stirs.

???: 'So this is it?
This is where I make ends meet?'

The man pauses to pull a paper document out from within the bag and reads a page.
The top page reads "Torsten Fritz Contract".

Torsten Fritz: 'Looks like I'm promised a lockeroom as well.'

Torsten puts the document back in the bag and heads towards a door with lockeroom plastered on in.
He pushes the door open to reveal a coridor with doors on either side, as far as the eye can see.

Torsten Fritz: 'Whao!!!
So many doors.
Where's mine?'

Torsten carries on walking till he finds his room.
Theres a note on the door saying "Welcome Mr. Fritz".
Torsten pulls it off and opens the door to his room.
The room is large with a locker and benches up against the far wall and a shower room in a small turn off to the right.

Torsten Fritz: 'Looks like Torsten Fritz has arrived.
Look out fellow wrestlers, I'm here to win and losing isn't an opition.'

The camera fades away.
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He's arrived
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