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PostSubject: Title History   Title History EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 2:20 am


Title History Hchamp
Big Spider Bear- [Apocalyptic Ascension, July 25]

Title History Hcorechamp
Zambo- [The Frontier, July 21]

Title History Ichamp
Cykill- [Apocalyptic Ascension, July 25]

Title History TVchamp
Midian- [Apocalyptic Ascension, July 25]

Title History Ttchampzz
BWB Warriors (Dysurh Von Hawkem & Ace Skywalker)- [Apocalyptic Ascension, July 25]
Demonic Knights (Dorm-mi-nance & Captain Falcon)- [Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds, August 22]

(Note: GMs can update and fix any mistakes)
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Title History
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