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The Dynamo

The Dynamo

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Wrestler Sheet
Wrestler level: 7
Wrestler Type: Technique
Wrestler Score Range (Wrestler): 10000-20000

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PostSubject: The Dynamo's Profile   The Dynamo's Profile EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 11:59 pm

Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown
Wrestler's In Ring Name: The Dynamo
Costume: A Penguin Suit
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Age: 18 (Not TWG age. Character age)
Look: Wears A Penguin Helmet
Birth Place: Finland
Aligement: Face
Gimmick: The Dynamo is a silly penguin!
Entrance Music: Trailblazers by Hammerfall
Entrance Video:
(Comes when needed)

It Was Me

Signature/Trademark move(s):
The Submission Move (Modified Texas Cloverleaf)
The Direct Damage Move (Modified Samoan Drop)

My Submission Hold Don't Touch It (Submission)

Wrestler's History:
The Dynamo is a Finnish wrestler. The Dynamo learned wrestling from his father and his father learnred wrestling from his granddad. The Dynamo lived 2 years in at southpole area. He was living with penguins. The Dynamo loved penguins. That is where The Dynamo got his wrestling attire idea. The Dynamo has broke his arm from two places and his leg once. He broke them when he was wrestling in his backyard with his friends. The Dynamo studied hard and he was going to be a Manager of large business. But his father made him to go in wrestling. The Dynamo was looking for a roster and Sommerlund found him. The Dynamo signed a contract and now The Dynamo works as a Vice eneral Manager for Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds.

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The Dynamo's Profile
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