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 The 13th Warrior...meh

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The 13th Warrior...meh Empty
PostSubject: The 13th Warrior...meh   The 13th Warrior...meh EmptySun Aug 02, 2009 2:19 am

Wrestler Name: The 13th Warrior

Real Name: Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan

Home Town: Damascus, Syria

Face or Heel: Heel


Height: 6ft1

Weight: 250

Appearance: Short dark hair, Dressed with a white pair of trousers, no shoes and no shirt

Description: A poet, born in Damascus, who left his homeland and traveled trough all 5 continents, trying to know the hidden qualities of every culture, once arrived in Denmark, he met a wrestler named Beowulf, who taught him how a simple wrestling match can be a metaphore for life. But after getting a bit too much in contact with the occidental culture he became a cocky wrestler obsessed with money and women.
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The 13th Warrior...meh
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