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 Backstage Attack New Season

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PostSubject: Backstage Attack New Season   Backstage Attack New Season EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 10:52 pm

As madden is walking the halls, out of a nearby door Cykill steps out and see's his enemy. Without a thought, Cykill runs up behind madden and bashes his head with the title belt, sending madden sprawling face first across the floor into some packing crates. Cykill follows it up with a boot to madden's temple. Cykill grabs one of the crates on wheels from across the hall and rolls it into maddens head. Cykill gets down on his hands and knees and looks at madden bleeding from the scalp and grabs his hair and lifts it so he can look in maddens eyes and tells him.
Cykill: "I owed you that one. You want this title, you have to come and get it."
Cykill leaves madden between the crates and walks to the otherside of it and from the wall, gets a 2 step run going and dropkicks the crate once again into maddens head. Cykill gets up and begins laughing hysterically, and walks back down the hall with a gleeful look in his eyes.
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Backstage Attack New Season
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