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 Bomber "chats" with Grimmjow (beggining of 1t show

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Bomber "chats" with Grimmjow (beggining of 1t show Empty
PostSubject: Bomber "chats" with Grimmjow (beggining of 1t show   Bomber "chats" with Grimmjow (beggining of 1t show EmptyTue Jul 28, 2009 10:42 pm

Grimmjow knocks on the office door of Gm Bomber blue he glances down again at the piece of paper he had found in his locker it simply read my office NOW Bb

Knock Knock

Bb "Enter"

grimm takes a deep breath and opens the door

"so u acctually came u might have more about you than i thought sit"

Bomber urges Grimmjow to the seat opposite him

GJ "why did you call me here"

"first thing is you end that sentace boss,"

grim stands up quickly and his chair topples behind him

"i didnt come here for a etiquette leason"

"no now have you forgotten your last beating sunny stand if you want ,now lets get down to buissness i called you here ..."

"i dont wanna know i just want anouther chance to show what a fluke your victory was i am the future of this sport you are the past"

grim bashes his fists on Bombers table

"hmmm ok you want anouther beating you got it kid "

bomber stands

"wow there wait a minute i mean in the ring "

Bomber vaults his desk and pushes grim out of his office and half drags and half pushes him towards the arena "

Foxy cabrone: are 1st match of the night is a be care full what you wish for match
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Bomber "chats" with Grimmjow (beggining of 1t show
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