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 The True Intro for DvH (Can be used as RP if necessary)

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The True Intro for DvH (Can be used as RP if necessary) Empty
PostSubject: The True Intro for DvH (Can be used as RP if necessary)   The True Intro for DvH (Can be used as RP if necessary) EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 3:06 am

*The Song Give it All by Rise Against blares out of the PA System*

(Commentator 1): Here comes one of the most promising inductees to the BWB.
(Commentator 2): Not too shabby on the intro there Maestro, but im sure you don't know his name?
(Commentator 1): Summat Dutch...

*Dysurh Von Hawkhem hears this as he is pumping the crowd and starts to laugh*

(Commentator 2): Haha looks like your already on his bad side. *Falls off chair laughing*
(Commentator 1): *Whispering* Oh Great another Hard Nut

*Dysurh Approaches swings his fist and...hold his hand out for a ..Handshake!???*

(Dysurh Von Hawkhem): *Into a mic* Hey I Heard you don't know my name, well Im here to make a good impression one thats everlasting because it was done with a good soul behind it, not because I broke your spine.

*Commentator 1 takes DvH's hand and shakes it nervously the crowd makes confused noises*

(Commentator 1): Thats very kind of you and good luck in your match tonight against (Submit Opponents name Here)

*DvH is walking up the ramp when suddenly (The Nights opponent) comes out*

(Blah Blah Blah): Where the Hell are you going Dutchy our match is NOW!

*Match report*

If I win:

(Dysurh Von Hawkhem): Damn before the match did you REALLY call me Dutchy??

*DvH picks up the still downed opponents legs locks in a sharpshooter then slips his leg throgh so that he is holding a Texas Cloverleaf and then puts the Cloverleaf between his thighs and lock's in a STF (or as this move is called by me the KayOtika)*

(Blah Blah Blah): Im sure please don't cripple me!

*DvH lets go and leaves the arena to his intro music Give It All by Rise Against*

If I lose:

(Blah Blah Blah): Yeah thats right Dutchy Crawl! Crawl like the weakling you are!

*Kicks DvH in Ribs and then leaves ring to get a chair*

(Blah Blah Blah): Im gonna end you Dutchy in your first night!

*He picks DvH up by chin and holds him up and swings chair back... but DvH ducks and rolls out the ring saving his career from a cruel ending!*

(Dysurh Von Hawkhem): Next Time I'll get you!
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The True Intro for DvH (Can be used as RP if necessary)
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