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 Your Worst Fear Has Just Begun (For The PPV)

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Your Worst Fear Has Just Begun (For The PPV) Empty
PostSubject: Your Worst Fear Has Just Begun (For The PPV)   Your Worst Fear Has Just Begun (For The PPV) EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 10:23 pm

We are shown backstage where two people look anxious. They are running around looking through every corner of the building while the cameraman tries to catch up to them. He falls short on breath and stops, when all of a sudden the camera falls on the floor and the cameraman is screaming with something tied around his mouth. It is suddenly released and he speaks in a panicky voice.

Camera Man: What... What do you want from me? What did I do? I... I was only following them... Please don't hurt me.

???: Were you... Were you laughing at me? If you were you will pay the ultimate price. I will torment your life you will bow down to me. Now what did you say ealier to me? Was it I was weird? Was it I am demented? Or was it I am crazy? Or maybe all three? Yes you said I was all three of them things and that's not nice. My father was what I am now, a clown. We are portrayed to be crazy way are we not? ANSWER ME!

??? slaps the camera man who is crying yet laughing at the same time.

[color=red]???:So if you won't answer what shall I do to make you talk.

The camera man is let go and all of a sudden a rumbling of a chainsaw is heard.

???: Now are you going to talk?!

Camera Man: I... I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt you I mean it. Please don't kill me.

The rumbling stops and a long meaningful sigh is heard. The camera man is still frozen in fear.

???: Have you ever heard of the citadel?

Camera Man: No?

???: No? Well listen up this can be your Word Of The Day. Citadel is invisible walls which keep me from going sane to insane. Break down the citadel and it's like your inside my mind, I hate it! Break me down but I still stand strong. I hope you have learned a lesson here. Now... GO AWAY NOW! BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!

The camera man's footsteps can be heard as they slowly get fainter and fainter.

???: For you fans who don't know who I am, I am "The Nightmare" Robdabest and I am Your Worst Fear. I haunt you in my sleep. The PPV is just the beginning of a new era for BWB and I am sure that every move I make will make you shudder and wish you never saw me. Until then have a PPV but be ready for the unexpected.

A glimpse of "The Nightmare Robdabest" can be seen before he stomps on the camera and the focus returns to the BWB PPV; waiting for the next match.

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Your Worst Fear Has Just Begun (For The PPV)
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