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 Scotty and Sommerlund backstage

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Scotty and Sommerlund backstage Empty
PostSubject: Scotty and Sommerlund backstage   Scotty and Sommerlund backstage EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 6:45 pm

Scotty is walking Backstage and then spot Sommerlund going into his office

Scotty: Sommerlund wait I need a word with you

Sommerlund open the door to let Scotty in

Commentator 1: I wondering if this is to do with his debut match

Commentator 2: He won didn't he? so why go and see Sommerlund?

5 Minutes later Scotty and Sommerlund walk out shaking hands

Scotty : Pleasure doing business with you Sommerlund

Commentator 1: what is going on here?

Commentator 2: I don't know but we know that it's time for a match

Camera fades backstage and then focuses on the ring for the next match
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Scotty and Sommerlund backstage
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