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 aM I sIcK???????

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aM I sIcK??????? Empty
PostSubject: aM I sIcK???????   aM I sIcK??????? EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 5:34 pm

"The camera opens to a shot of Interboro Asylum..... The camera men slowly move up the stairs to the seemingly gigantic church style wooden doors unaware of what to expect"

Cameraman 1: Are you sure we are supposed to be here????? is this the place???

Cameraman 2: Yea I think so, Mr. Sommerlund apparently was told by the police that this guy was locked up in here...

Cameraman 1: Well man, this place gives me the creeps, why did Sommerlund want this guy anyway. I personally think that we have enough crazy people in BWB already, and to be honest I think that coming to do an interview at a freaking insane asylum takes the cake.....

The camera men knock on the door patiently and soon after a doctor opens the doors and welcomes them in

Doctor: Ahhhh you guy's must be the crew from Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds. Well let me be the first to welcome you both to Interboro Asylum.
I hope your trip out here was comfortable. We don't get to many visitors out in these parts , allow me to introduce myself I'm Doctor Samuel Hamberg, Head M.D of this establishment please come into my office.

The camera men and Doctor Hamberg walk down the hall into a thin corridor and then head to the end . Doctor Hamberg opens the office door and signal for the camera crew to have a seat. Hamberg then sits down at his desk

Doctor Hamberg: So I already know what brings you both out to these parts, so I'm going to cut to the chase, I have no idea what your boss wants with Stitch, but I implore you both... Leave this matter alone, you see Stitch is a particularly disturbed individual that I have personally taken care of, he is our most violent and aggressive resident, medication does not work on him, he has schizophrenic episodes aswell as severe mood swings and depression. We have to keep him on constant sedation and 24 hour surveillance because of the danger to our other residents

Cameraman 2: Look doc... I understand that you really do not want us to talk with this Stitch guy, but my boss has paid great amounts of cash to get us here to interview him and I am not walking away from here with out at least getting two words from him.

Cameraman 1: DUDE!!!! are u crazy did you just hear what Hamberg said... you can go, I'm not doing anywhere near this guy...

Doctor Hamberg: Ok if you insist..... ill give you five minuites with him but..... Im gonna be in there with you and he needs to be strapped to a table in a straight jacket, no camera's. you can use the surveillance footage for the interview. I cannot allow any objects in the room, cause if Stitch gets loose he will kill us both.

Hamberg press's and intercom button and begins to speak

Doctor Hamberg: Please prep Stitch for the interview with the Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds people

Hamberg takes his finger off the button and begins to speak

Doctor Hamberg: Ok lets go if your sure you still up to it

Cameraman 2: Fine lets do this....

Hamberg gets up and opens the door and signals for the camera man to follow him Cameraman 2 gets up and leaves, leaving Cameraman 1 in the office. Hamberg heads down the hallway and turns at a corner, Cameraman 2 follows in pursuit. Hamberg stops at an elevator and press's the down arrow. The door opens and they step in

Doctor Hamberg: Are you sure you wanna do this? Once the guards get him prepped there is no turning back....

Cameraman 2: This is what came here for. stop trying to talk me out of it

Hamberg press's the basement button, The elevator starts up with a cranking thud... and begins its decent, it soon stops and comes to a crashing halt. The men get out and the scenery changes from a clean white hospital to a dark dimly lit corridor littered with dirty laundry and old wooden wheelchairs, the padded rooms are lined up in a row arranged with 8 padded cells one after another, The cameraman hears screams and cries from the cells. Hamberg leads the cameraman down the narrow corridor, they arrive at the end of the hallway to a jail cell like door , Hamberg pulls out a rusty old skeleton key and inserts it into the lock and turns it, the door slowly opens with a rusty hiss. Hamberg signals to the cameraman to follow him, The two men go into the next corridor, which appears to be a long narrow hallway. The hallway is dank and dark, it smells of mildew from straight jackets and urine. They come to the end of the hall where a large steel plated door awaits in front of them

Doctor Hamberg: Ok listain, before we go in there I'm warning you dont make any sudden movements, and don't ask him any personal questions, he killed his family when he was 14 and it really makes him angry if you ask him about it

Cameraman 2: Ok fair enough

Hamberg signal's to the surveillance camera. The door 's auto lock is disengaged and the steel door cracks open, the camera views in on the two men entering the room, a large stainless steel autopsy table is in the center of the room and there is a very large man strapped to it, wearing a black mask with stitches all over it, he appears to be motionless and calm, as the door shuts he stirs with movement as he realizes that he is not alone..

Doctor Hamberg: Stitch...... its time to wake up... You have a visitor, This man is from Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds. He is here to speak with you about your release... be nice

Stitch: What the hell do you want, you worm.......

Cameraman 2: Mr. Sommerlund, my boss , Chairman and Ceo of Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds has sent me here to tell you that he wants to sign you to a contract in BWB what are your thoughts on that.....

Stitch: Well....... as you can see here I'm a little bit occupied being tied down like the animal I am, I would shake your hand..... and then gouge your eyes out with my thumbs. You see Mr. camera guy I just simply like to make people suffer and feel anguish, and If I can do that in this federation id finally get to stop the voices but that is neither here nor there...... Let me assure you of something Blood will spill in buckets when I arrive, my soul has been aching to tear someone apart and if I get to do that then we have a deal........

Cameraman 2: Well I'm glad we have come to a conclusion on this matter, so tell me Stitch what is your history how did you get here..

Stitch begins to move rapidly


Hamberg begins to panic and runs to the door to open it, The cameraman realizes that he has really messed up and runs for the door, the straps on the table snap and stitch stands up and rushes both men the door opens up and the camera goes black...... all you can hear are the sounds of screaming and the cracking of bones and then a cold silence.........


the camera footage ends with the closing of the large steel door and the splash of blood on the lens
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aM I sIcK??????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: aM I sIcK???????   aM I sIcK??????? EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 8:08 pm

This is great Very Happy
First long RP I've seen in a while too xP
Great job Very Happy
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aM I sIcK???????
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