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PostSubject: Stitch's bio   Stitch's bio EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 3:34 pm

Wrestler's Name: sTiTcH
Wrestler's Nickname: The Cancer of the Human Race
Height: 6'4
Weight: 230 lbs
Age: 23
Hometown: The Depths of Suffering
Baby Face / Face / Tweener / Heel / Top Heel: Top Heel

Theme Music: Revenge I Seek By:Bleeding Through

Entrance Description: The Whole Arena goes completely silent and dark... with a flash of red blood splatter and the sound of a woman screaming the jumbo tron lights up and scenes of a a pig being hit on the head with a sledge hammer overtakes the screen fallowing that scene machine gun fast imagery of human autopsy's and scenes of a man getting his legs sawn off by a doctor appear fallowing that crimson red lights and smoke fill the entrance way and out of the darkness with giant fish hooks attached to his body sTiTch is lowered into the ring with his arms spread in a crucifixion formation holding his signature weapon "Ole Bettsey" A rusty Lawnmower blade wrapped in razor wire and the fish hooks bulging out of his flesh he hits the center of the ring and proceeds to rip the hooks out of his arms and then with a loud moan of pain pulls the two large hooks out of his back and then dripping with blood walks over to the ring corner and awaits his opponent with "Revenge I Seek" Blaring over the speakers and the grotesque imagery of surgeries and black and white slaughter house videos tearing across the screen the arena goes to a deathly cold and silent darkness.

Stitch's Bag of tricks:

The Walls of Suffering, twists the body in the opposite direction and and pushes knees into head crushing the skull

Fireman's carry jumping inverted piledriver

Elevated Cradle Neckbreaker

Cruxifix Indian Deathlock

Double Underhook Northren lights Powerbomb

Running Spring Board Asia Moonsault

Spring Board Swanton Bomb

Fall away Piledriver

Double Underhooked Inverted Face Driver

Signature Moves:

Stitches Bloody Stitches: Stitch grabs the opponent with a pumphandle formation and lifts them into an inverted fireman's carry position and then jumps and flips them over his shoulder and drives their head into the mat " basically a reverse F-5 combined with a michinoku driver"

The Agony Scene: A Double underhooked jumping inverted Northern Lights Driver onto a pile of thumbtacks.

The Bleeding Skyy: Reverse TKO DRIVER off the top turnbuckle

Hostility Unravaled: A reverse 450 off a ladder


The Injection of Hatred: THIS IS A LAST RESORT MOVE.... A Triple Shooting Star press off a 25 foot ladder

Diabolikial Rapture: A Leaping Mexican Stretch Buster off the Top Turnbuckle

Murder By Numbers: A Underhook Inverted Jumping Fishermans DDT Onto a razor wire coated chair

A Killer's Conscience: Whips opponent into the turnbuckle and then runs and gives opponent a sweet chin music dropping them to the corner,while dazed puts a razor wire wrapped chair on their face and then proceeds to give them a running spear from the corner while they sit in the corner.

Wrestling Style:Sadist,Highflyer

Wrestler Appearance: Wears a black mask with stitches all over it with green glowing contacts so u can see his eyes usually wears death metal band tee shirts that are ripped and stained with blood from previous matches has his septum pierced as well as his eyebrows pierced three times,wheres very baggy black latex pants with a chain wallet the designs on his pants are voodoo dolls that have eyes and mouths stitched up that have blood dripping from the eyes and mouth also wears green and black wrestling shoes has blue dreads that stick out from cutouts in the mask has tattoos of razorwire and voodoo designs all over his body

Character Representative:A combination of Sick Nick Mondo and Raven

Five Qualities:

Positive: Sacrifices his body for the fans
Negative: Hates all people Equal Oppertunity hater
Positive: Shows people that wrestling is not all about glitz and glam
Negative: A very very short temper...When angered will stop at nothing to make the person who pissed him off suffer,very very sadistic, approach with caution
Negative: Very Unstable, can turn on fans in an instant
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Stitch's bio
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