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 Hunchback's guest appearance

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Hunchback's guest appearance Empty
PostSubject: Hunchback's guest appearance   Hunchback's guest appearance EmptyTue Jul 21, 2009 9:28 pm

The lights in the arena go dim and the guitars of "Blind" by Korn can be heard. When the "Aaaaarrrre yoouuu reaaaadyyyyy?" part comes Hunchback shows at the gate, hastly making his way to the ring. The crowd is booing and cheering at the same time...

Hunchback: Calm down, calm down... i know this is not my show, so i will be quick. I just wanted to pass a message... a message to Midian!

The crowd starts shouting again, signs with Midian's logo star waving about...

Hunchback: Midian, i just wanted to tell you that recently i moved up ranks. I am catching up, old man, and you better not retire while i make my way up your rank, cause i'd hate it to drag you back here from your retirement home...

The crowd starts shouting so much that Hunchback can't continue talking. He decides to head back to his show before trouble rises up, turns around and...

*here i guess Midian could come out and start beating the shit out of me and then later on Summer might come to save my ass... or it might just pass and i can go back to my show undisturbed*
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Hunchback's guest appearance
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