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 Redemption (7/21)

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Redemption (7/21) Empty
PostSubject: Redemption (7/21)   Redemption (7/21) EmptyTue Jul 21, 2009 1:28 am

Ace Skywalker is shown backstage with a reporter
Reporter: Ace, you lost this past Saturday on BWB and your opponent, MitzuEmo wasn't even damaged much. You have a rematch tonight with him. What are your thoughts?
Ace Skywalker: My thoughts? Well, My thoughts are that Saturday was a simple fluke. Ya know? It was a weekend and I had a party the night before. Today is Tuesday. It's a weekday and I went to bed early. I watched our match and I think I can dominate his sorry behind tonight. He won the match and still whined about not getting enough attention and respect. He can cry all he wants after I demolish him tonight.
Reporter: Well, You both have the same goal. Making an impact, making a statement, and winning titles. Do you think you are getting in eachothers' path to success?
Ace Skywalker: No, I think me beating the living crap out of him, and I do mean living, will make me seem more of a threat. I have my eyes set on beating him. He disrespected me on Saturday, and I will show him, and his idiotic fans, that the Ace of Spades is not a force to be reckoned with. Now If you'll excuse me, I have to go stack my cards.
Ace Skywalker walks away as the camera fades
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Redemption (7/21)
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