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 Rey Mysterio

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Age : 33
Location : San Diego

Wrestler Sheet
Wrestler level: 9
Wrestler Type: Speed
Wrestler Score Range (Wrestler): 20000-30000

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PostSubject: Rey Mysterio   Rey Mysterio EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 9:46 pm

Name:Rey Mysterio
From:San Diego
Finishers:619,Small Big Slam,Silver Roxy
SIGNATURE / TRADEMARK MOVES:Rey Moonsault,Springboard DDT,Snap Tiger Bomb
I am a fan favourite. Too fast and one of the most agile superstars.The black mask gives me more strenght and with it i can perform my finisher Small Big Slam. I dislike people who are full of themselves. I am friendly but still I am ruthles in the ring.
My favourite match type is LAST MAN STANDING.
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Rey Mysterio
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