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 The Extraordinary Case of DvH

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The Extraordinary Case of DvH Empty
PostSubject: The Extraordinary Case of DvH   The Extraordinary Case of DvH EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 6:23 pm

Now I am not gonna RP in this one to sample my RP's feel free to look at my post on the Introductions Page.

Now onto to serious buisness, What Gimmick am I, DvH , Dysurh Von Hawkhem, going to choose?

Well I would prefer the following:

Alias in RP's to be DvH not the full monty Dysurh Von Hawkhem (takes longer to type save your hands from the numbing feeling of typing it three times a sentence)

If assaulted after match make sure im busted open otherwise its not a good beat down and you won't look to good if your smacking me 50 times with a chair and my heads not bleeding.

Those have nothing to do with my Gimmick the following do;

DvH is Blonde, 6'5" and 245 lbs and originates from Amsterdam Holland he is a Face (tho i do have a very good Heel version of him but as everybody wants to be a heel he's gonna be face to even it up). The RP I done was a SAMPLE NOT A GIMMICK I will make a real intro for DvH in 30mins time.
As you can tell I like to blab alot, and its true I love to blab alot so let me just get this out my system......blab blab blab blab blab blab blab blab blab..... ahh thats better now as I was saying DvH is a strong face so he comes out to help anyone getting assaulted, quick to stand up to heel's with a viscious about himself and is a no nonsense Screw me? Screw You! type person.
DvH believes he that with enough effort he could be a champion of any Fed and in any country, in his Homeland he is well known for countless titles which he will happily retell you about, every movement every finish all the way back to 1996 his memory is full to the brim of each and every detail, even the colour pants the men in the first row were wearing, thats right he has been wrestling since he was 12, back then he was doing anything to steal wins, he feels his debut was terrible, he won it by DQ, the Man was called Punishing Paul and he gave DvH the match because he smacked DvH with a Chair over 30 Times breaking the poor kid, thats right back in DvH's homeland a wrestler has no age so anything can happen to you, he uses the same mentality here too so that he feels no remorse for taking 'Bad Men' out of action. DvH believes this mentality makes him "Unbreakable" which he used as an alias in 2004 in Amsterdam's AWF (Amsterdam Wrestling Federation) that was where he was most famous and performed best, taking 12 Amsterdam Titles and 6 All Dutch Champion, then finally 1 European Champion title making him an overseas Investment interest for millions across the globe meaning he is usaully on th phone backstage trying to get a good sponsor. And on that note I finish again.Cykill tell if I need more.

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The Extraordinary Case of DvH
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