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 After Match Interview 7/11

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After Match Interview 7/11 Empty
PostSubject: After Match Interview 7/11   After Match Interview 7/11 EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 1:14 am

After Cykill's match against madden, Allie catches up to Cykill to ask him some questions

Allie: "Cykill, can I get a few words from you about what."

Cykill: "Hold it right there. Give me the damned mic and stand out of my way or you might get hurt.

Allie steps back out of camera range

Cykill: "MADDEN !!! You overstuffed windbag of a human being. Why don't you try attacking me straight on instead of all these sneak attacks, or is that because your a gutless coward who can't face anybody face to face? From where I stand, you will get to know the feeling of being followed and attacked and what makes that even better for me is that I'll crush you into the ground right where you belong. You know the old adage, watch what you ask for, well, in your case I can guarantee it."

Cykill takes a moment before he starts again

Cykill: "As for the Bloodlust coming, you may have just opened your own hole for me to bury you."

Cykill throws the mic to Allie who says

Allie: "I don't think we've seen the last of this feud. In fact, I got a bad feeling for anybody who gets in these guys way. Back to you at the Desk."
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After Match Interview 7/11
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