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 Backstage Assault 7/11

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Backstage Assault  7/11 Empty
PostSubject: Backstage Assault 7/11   Backstage Assault  7/11 EmptyWed Jul 08, 2009 2:08 am

-- Camera cuts to backstage --

As Cykill is pacing up and down the halls in anticipation of his upcoming bout, he fails to see madden hanging back behind some packing crates behind the fence. While Cykill is walking with his head down in thought, he nears the fence and madden jumps at the fence and slams it into Cykill's head, knocking him over on his ass against the packing crate. Grabbing his head, Cykill see's madden swinging a lamp stand at his head and Cykill instinctively drops to the floor to avoid the shot. Since the size of the stand is more than madden can handle, Cykill takes that moment to get up and throw a forearm at maddens head knocking him up against the packing crates and knocking them away. Cykill takes another shot at madden and knocks him over the packing crate and dives over for a hands on assault. Both combatants are throwing punches, kicks and bodies at each other furiously. Security comes running down the hall and try breaking the 2 men up to no avail. One by one, the security forces are tossed aside like ragdolls between these 2 contenders. More security comes running as backup and by shear forces, are able to break apart Cykill and madden. As madden is pulled away, he starts laughing maniacally and screams at Cykill.

madden: "BloodLust is coming"
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Backstage Assault 7/11
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