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 All Hope is gone...

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All Hope is gone... Empty
PostSubject: All Hope is gone...   All Hope is gone... EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 11:57 am

The camera opens showing Midian walking through the halls of BWB, he is smirking and tapping the head of his cane in his right hand as he walks. He stops to intimidate a few backstage workers when an interviewer walks up to him scared out of his mind.

Midian, Midian. A m-m-moment if you don't m-m-mind sir?

Midian turns to the interviewer and grins.

Well of course. I always have time to share myself with the world. I live only to serve...

Midian drops into an exaggerated bow as the interviewer looks on completely confused

Well....uh...thanks? I think. I just wanted to ask you, if you knew to which show you have been drafted too yet?

Midian's face darkens, as he speaks.

Not yet little worm, but you know what? maybe this is something that I should take care of right now? What do you think little worm? Should I perhaps get the attention of the lofty powers that be?

The interviewer looks even more confused, but smiles.

Well, yeah, sure Midian, if they have not spoken to you yet, maybe you should do something to catch their attention, make them answer you.

Midian smiles and now the interviewer gets nervous

I like you little worm, I'm almost sad to have to do this...

D-d-do what?!?!?!

Why, This of course...

Midian suddenly snatches the microphone from the interviewers hand and rushes him, hooking his forearm under the poor mans neck, lifting him from the floor and pinning him against the wall, Midian smiles sickly and tilts his head, locking eyes with him and observing the mans tear filled eyes and the way his face changes colors as he begins to choke. Midian lifts the Mic to his mouth, speaking slowly so as not to miss a second of his entertainment.

If you do not want to see this insect crippled for the rest of his life, I'd suggest Sommerlund, that you make your way to the catering room very quickly. i want to know who I am working for, and I want to know now. I dislike being screwed with. It irritates me.

The interviewers struggles begin to weaken now, Midian watches on, enjoying the fears he sees in the mans eyes. then he smirks and speaks again.

I'm waiting, as is my friend here, do hurry up, I dislike being kept waiting as well, and the worm does not have long to go.
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All Hope is gone... Empty
PostSubject: Re: All Hope is gone...   All Hope is gone... EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 5:38 pm

Hunchback, who is on his way to the training room, comes down the hall. He sees a wrestler pinning some little guy to the wall and thinks to himself:

"Hm, people here must be really bored to pick on poor guys like this... I should probably entertain my colleague a bit."

Hunchback rushes towards Midian, taking him by surprise and executes a Full Nelson Bulldog at The Back.
He then helps Midian to his feet and says:

Sorry mate, i've been practicing this move for a while now and since you seemed pretty bored here with your little friend i decided to give a... live test, if that's what you call it here. *Snicker*
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All Hope is gone...
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